My name is Gyunhyeong Kim, 김균형 in Korean.
I am a Korean living in Palisades Park, New Jersey since June 2015.
You can know what I did in Korea.
Please click here if you are interested in what I have done in the US.

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HOME - To come back here
MY RESUME - Where I studied. Where I worked
MY SELECTED WORKS - Some of my works that
           I like particularly; two performances, one book and one paper.
ALL MY BOOKS - Presentation of all my 15 published books.
ALL MY SHOWS - Presentation of all my 22 shows. (You can find
           all my shows with images and video clips of some performances.)
SYNOPSIS OF ALL MY SCRIPTS - Synopsis of all my 9 scripts. And
           two video clips of scripts performed only at school.
MY TEACHING - How I teach.
MY DIRECTING - How I direct

Since 2021, I have been running an online Korean lessons based on my method. Click the website address to know what it is.